Saturday, February 23, 2008

A True Blessing

She can crawl, real fast, and chases after her toys.

She waves goodbye, and doesn't have separation anxiety when we leave her with the babysitter, my mum nor Ches' mum.

She started calling "Pah-Pah!" (to the exhilaration of her Daddy - he even recorded it down on video as documentary proof). She also calls out "Mama!" but sometimes can be mixed up with "Moom Moom!" - but I guess to her it means the same thing - Mama always have and gives Moom Moom.

(note: I don't think she understands the meaning of the words yet, but just get a kick shouting them out =)

She can clap her hands and do a "gongxi gongxi" - may be that's why her angpow collections were much higher than Daddy and Mummy combined.

She holds on to the wooden panels of her bed for support to stand. Sometimes, she can get over-zealous and starts to tiptoe, shake her booty, stick one leg in the air or do a "look Ma no hands", which usually ends up with a loud wail - as she would fall over and bump her head against the bed rails.

She understands "NO" - when she touches something she's not suppose to and I say No, she will pause, look at me, but then still try her luck by sticking her hand out and prod the item with one finger - it's hard to keep a straight face when she does that.

She sings along with me to her favourite songs - in her own way by making "Mmm Mmm" sounds.

She is my daughter, Mayenne, at 9 months. A true blessing.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do I Rep - my new theme song

Today marks the start of a new period. Good bye freedom. =(