Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Washing My Blues Away

My 7-year-old Whirlpool washing machine has finally conked. I was beginning to wonder when it will ever happen.

Actually, it still washes fine, and still does what it's suppose to do. The only thing is that water leaks from the bottom at the end of every cycle. Thinking that it lasted longer than I imagined, I thought I'd invest in a new washer.

I only had 1.5 hours to shop for a washing machine on a Saturday- the time being Mayenne having her Shichida class and Papa is accompanying her in the class instead of me. I popped into Courts at Toa Payoh, and headed straight to the washer/dryer department.

I was greeted by a saleman who seemed to know everything about washing machines. He then recommended Electrolux, for which he had a model which was only on sale for those 2 days ($300 off usual price). I remembered my MIL's washer was an Electrolux and she has been using it for the last 15 years (or so she claimed). Though they don't make things the way they used to be, but I believe there should be some consistency in terms of the quality of the hardware.

But what I liked about this model is that there is a pause function which allows you stop the machine to load additional clothings which you may have forgotten to include in the wash (the water will be stored in the drum below, and the same water will be "reloaded" once you start the machine again, hence saving water!). The detergent tray also looked a little different whereby the softener compartment actually holds the softener until it is ready to be used (for my old washer, I need to wait till the wash cycle reaches the final rinse and then I add the softener. If I were to add it at the same time as the detergent, it would have flowed down together with the detergent at the beginning of the wash).

What sold me the washer was that there is a quick wash function which finishes a good wash for slightly/normal soiled clothings in 45 mins (other washers usually takes 75mins to 90 mins). And this white equipment is not white at all - it looks all-so-futuristic in metallic silver.

The mean-looking piece of equipment was surprisingly quiet. Even at a high spin speed of 850 revolutions per minute. The only thing I don't like about is the loud clicking sound when the machine locks and releases the door when the cycle starts and ends.

Generally, I'm pleased with my investment and I am looking forward to a full laundry basket now!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Beginnings

Today marks my first day at my new work place. Didn't exactly sleep well last night as Mayenne was up a couple of times and I had to tug her back in bed in the wee hours in the morning.

Nonetheless, I woke up, feeling slightly nervous, but mostly excited. It's a familiar feeling, then I remembered this is how I felt when I report for school at the beginning of each new year, as I move to a higher level eg P4 to P5, Sec 2 to Sec 3.

I was supposed to report at the HR department, which is located in a different building from where my office is. We left home slightly earlier then usual, as Mayenne didn't poopoo this morning (which takes us a little longer to get ready) and traffic was smooth.

After an hour long "induction" briefing, I proceeded to report at my work place. At the lift lobby, I exchanged my ID for a visit pass as my staff pass was not ready yet. Anxious to meet my boss and colleagues, I actually went to the wrong building (there were 2 Towers), and I had to make my quick exit, hoping people will not see my face, red from embarrassment.

I finally made it to the correct office, and my boss introduced me to the rest of the team. I really like where our team is located as it is away from the rest of the other teams, hence less noisy. I was also very happy to see many familiar faces, all ex-colleagues from HSBC who are here now. I don't feel that alone and anxious anymore.

It has been a good start and I really look forward to even better days ahead!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mayenne - Monet

We bought Mayenne a magnetic drawing board for her a couple of months ago, and the only thing she was keen to do with it then was to pick up the little 'stampers' (which came in various shapes like star and heart) and throw them to see them fly.

Gradually, Popo managed to teach her how the stylus and stampers are used but she was still not interested.

Then one day, Mayenne placed the board on her lap, took the stylus in her right hand and started drawing. At first she couldn't get much on the board as the angle at which she was holding the stylus was too low, ie about parallel to the board. Hence the nib was not on the board. Slowly she figured it out and she started to draw more confidently, so much so that she even reached for her favourite star stamper with her left hand (her right hand was still holding the stylus), and starting stamping.

Draw a bit, stamp a bit. She looked like she knew exactly what she wanted to draw. I have videoed the process but the clip was relatively long. So I've just enclosed the masterpiece here instead, which we named Shooting Stars.

Mayenne's First Artwork

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mayenne's 1st Haircut

After Mayenne was born, I refused to shave her head despite many "advices" from relatives and friends that a shaven head would yield a fuller set of crowning glory. I stood my ground as I have seen some of the babies whose parents have done that, and they (the babies) certainly don't look nice at all. Some of the parents even shave the baby's eyebrows (why would anyone want bushy eyebrows?), and the baby end up looking really sickly, like someone who has gone through chemo and lost their hair.

As the months went by, I began to wonder if my decision was wise. Yes, she was growing some hair, 'some' being the operative word. Thankfully, the gaps were filled (albeit slowly), and some wisps of hair (especially the fringe area) began to grow faster that the rest, and it started to irritate her forehead and eyes.

Popo has been bugging me to bring her to the hairdresser for a trim, but I still don't feel like cutting her hair, as I felt it will change Mayenne the Baby, and lose some part of the babyness in her.

On Wednesday, I had my 2nd driving refresher lesson, and by the time I reached my mum's place, the house was empty. I thought Popo brought Mayenne out to the market. When they returned and I opened the door, I saw Mayenne but didn't quite sure what was different about her. Then Popo said she brought her for a haircut. Ah.... so that was it!

Apparently, they had a hard time holding her down to have her hair cut - she was crying and squirming on my mum's lap. My mum was so afraid that Mayenne might be injured by the scissors, she stopped the hairdresser before she could finish, and they left the salon after paying $5.

I thought the haircut was badly done, may becos Mayenne was moving so much that it is impossible to have it done properly. Due to the abrupt termination of the hair cut session, some parts were not trimmed. And I think it's too short - in one morning, my daughter has become a son (see transformation below) - sigh.....