Monday, June 9, 2008

New Beginnings

Today marks my first day at my new work place. Didn't exactly sleep well last night as Mayenne was up a couple of times and I had to tug her back in bed in the wee hours in the morning.

Nonetheless, I woke up, feeling slightly nervous, but mostly excited. It's a familiar feeling, then I remembered this is how I felt when I report for school at the beginning of each new year, as I move to a higher level eg P4 to P5, Sec 2 to Sec 3.

I was supposed to report at the HR department, which is located in a different building from where my office is. We left home slightly earlier then usual, as Mayenne didn't poopoo this morning (which takes us a little longer to get ready) and traffic was smooth.

After an hour long "induction" briefing, I proceeded to report at my work place. At the lift lobby, I exchanged my ID for a visit pass as my staff pass was not ready yet. Anxious to meet my boss and colleagues, I actually went to the wrong building (there were 2 Towers), and I had to make my quick exit, hoping people will not see my face, red from embarrassment.

I finally made it to the correct office, and my boss introduced me to the rest of the team. I really like where our team is located as it is away from the rest of the other teams, hence less noisy. I was also very happy to see many familiar faces, all ex-colleagues from HSBC who are here now. I don't feel that alone and anxious anymore.

It has been a good start and I really look forward to even better days ahead!

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