Friday, June 6, 2008

Mayenne's 1st Haircut

After Mayenne was born, I refused to shave her head despite many "advices" from relatives and friends that a shaven head would yield a fuller set of crowning glory. I stood my ground as I have seen some of the babies whose parents have done that, and they (the babies) certainly don't look nice at all. Some of the parents even shave the baby's eyebrows (why would anyone want bushy eyebrows?), and the baby end up looking really sickly, like someone who has gone through chemo and lost their hair.

As the months went by, I began to wonder if my decision was wise. Yes, she was growing some hair, 'some' being the operative word. Thankfully, the gaps were filled (albeit slowly), and some wisps of hair (especially the fringe area) began to grow faster that the rest, and it started to irritate her forehead and eyes.

Popo has been bugging me to bring her to the hairdresser for a trim, but I still don't feel like cutting her hair, as I felt it will change Mayenne the Baby, and lose some part of the babyness in her.

On Wednesday, I had my 2nd driving refresher lesson, and by the time I reached my mum's place, the house was empty. I thought Popo brought Mayenne out to the market. When they returned and I opened the door, I saw Mayenne but didn't quite sure what was different about her. Then Popo said she brought her for a haircut. Ah.... so that was it!

Apparently, they had a hard time holding her down to have her hair cut - she was crying and squirming on my mum's lap. My mum was so afraid that Mayenne might be injured by the scissors, she stopped the hairdresser before she could finish, and they left the salon after paying $5.

I thought the haircut was badly done, may becos Mayenne was moving so much that it is impossible to have it done properly. Due to the abrupt termination of the hair cut session, some parts were not trimmed. And I think it's too short - in one morning, my daughter has become a son (see transformation below) - sigh.....



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