Monday, May 18, 2009

Her First ABC Recital

Ker (again)

Mayenne's recital of the ABC this evening while lying in bed, and all from her memory and on her own. Bravo!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Official PoPo Day

While today may seem like any other day to some, today is an important day for my mum, cos Mayenne can finally call her Por Por!

The day started just like any other day, Popo brought Mayenne to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and in between the foamy toothpaste and toothbrush in her mouth, she faintly said those magical words (at least to my mum's ears), and without cue.

Mum quickly rinsed her mouth and asked M to say again..... yup it's "Por Por!" alright. I can imagine my mum squealing in delight. And she was still grinning ear to ear everytime Mayenne calls her.

We better work harder on "Gong Gong", Mayenne, or else someone's gonna get super jealous..... =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


We noticed Mayenne has been more vocal over the last few weeks, eg started making comments on the show she's watching, on the moving bus next to our car, when she's playing her toys etc. Unfortunately it's still all gibberish which we can't understand.

Two other things that she loves to do:
(1) Counting things: she will point to the items one by one, saying "beeh! beeh! beeh!", with each "beeh!" representing a number.

(2) Reading: she will turn the book facing outwards (like what teachers will do when sitting in front of the class), and read to you. When it comes to reading, she's more dramatic, making different sounds to represent actions (eg Gingerbread running away -- she reads with a higher pitched voice), and different sounding words, as though she is reading in a language that we don't understand.

One evening, she was reading her ABCs again: eg A ... apple, B.... ball,, D.... dog, E....egg, F.... ffff (the -ish couldn't come out of her mouth), G..... ger (trying to say 'girl').

When it came to H, there was a picture of a horse, and she went: H..... MAAAAAAH! (mandarin for horse).


Saturday, May 2, 2009


Due to some bereavement over at my sis-in-law's side of the family, my niece Cherese got to stay with my Mum, and Mayenne had to chance to bond with Baby Cherese.

From what we observed over the last few days, Mayenne has developed a very caring personality, and is sensitive and considerate towards Baby Cherese.

At the beginning, when we asked Mayenne to "sayang" Cherese, she wanted to stroke her face. But we were afraid she may not be able to know the extent of her strength and hurt Cherese in the process, so we taught her to stroke Cherese's leg instead. Now without asking, when she sees Cherese, she will "sayang" her leg.

But one evening, Mayenne was having her dinner and Cherese was lying in the rocker near Mayenne. Then Mayenne reached out to stroke Cherese on her face. We all jumped up, but eased a little as we saw how gently Mayenne touches Cherese's face.

"A bit more to the right please.... yeah, that's it!
. thanks for the scratch!"

In one of the afternoons when my Brother came over to visit Cherese, Cherese was sleeping and my Mum and Brother were talking in that room. Suddenly, Mayenne went into the room and "Shhhhh-ed" them, complete with a finger to her lips, and then walked out of the room.

I can't help but feel that my baby girl is all grown-up now.