Saturday, May 9, 2009


We noticed Mayenne has been more vocal over the last few weeks, eg started making comments on the show she's watching, on the moving bus next to our car, when she's playing her toys etc. Unfortunately it's still all gibberish which we can't understand.

Two other things that she loves to do:
(1) Counting things: she will point to the items one by one, saying "beeh! beeh! beeh!", with each "beeh!" representing a number.

(2) Reading: she will turn the book facing outwards (like what teachers will do when sitting in front of the class), and read to you. When it comes to reading, she's more dramatic, making different sounds to represent actions (eg Gingerbread running away -- she reads with a higher pitched voice), and different sounding words, as though she is reading in a language that we don't understand.

One evening, she was reading her ABCs again: eg A ... apple, B.... ball,, D.... dog, E....egg, F.... ffff (the -ish couldn't come out of her mouth), G..... ger (trying to say 'girl').

When it came to H, there was a picture of a horse, and she went: H..... MAAAAAAH! (mandarin for horse).


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