Friday, August 31, 2007

Weighty Issues

When I was expecting Mayenne, I gained 15kg by full term. I patted myself on the shoulder as I expected myself to put on even more, cos I have known people to put on 20+ kgs, and I sure look like I'm capable of it.

Mayenne was a relatively small baby (weighed in 2.59kg when she's born), so no prize for guessing where all the extra pounds went. Nonetheless, within the first month after delivery, I lost 9kg, which I attributed the loss to the missing amniotic fluid, placenta and loss of some f.a.t.

But my joy was short-lived, cos in months 2 & 3, it was as though time stood still or my weighing scale got stuck, cos it stayed at the level I weighed myself at end of Month 1. Tried a few other weighing scales eg at Mayenne's PD's clinic and my facial/spa saloon. Conclusion: there's nothing wrong with my scale at home.

Ok, ok, I didn't cut my carbos and exercise as much as I should, but breastfeeding is suppose to suck the calories out of me!!

In denial, I went on with my life and stayed away from the weighing scales for about 1 1/2 weeks. It was until today that I tried wearing a pair of pants which was a little tight the last time round, and it felt loose. I scrambled to the scales and stepped on it - it's minus 2kgs from what I registered previously. Yippee!

Must be all the fat-burning workouts that came with my intensive shopping expeditions over the last 2 weeks, in view that I'll be going back to work soon. If retail therapy really works, instead of throwing $$$ into a slimming centre, I would rather shop like crazy, lose the weight, and use the money to reward myself.

The hard part is to convince my hubby to sponsor this form of therapy. :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's a Small Small World

After buying the Aprica stroller, we decided to sell our Maclaren Techno XT. So I made a posting on a popular forum for mothers who WTB and WTS baby items.

A couple of days went by but there were no interested parties. Thinking that the response will be slow, I didn't check the thread for a while, then out of the blue, someone indicated interest and told me to PM her more details, which I did.

One of my girlfriends, who visits Chester's blog on and off, read that we are selling our Maclaren, and MSNed me yesterday, wondering why or if we have any negative feedbacks, cos she intends to get one for her son. She also told me that she found a good deal to buy an almost brand new XT on the net.

Then it occurred to me that the person who enquired about the stroller could be her, cos the way she described the XT on sale sounded like the way I posted it. After cross-checking our userids, we realised that it was the both of us trying to bargain with each other, and we collapsed laughing.

Thread closed, deal done.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There were recently a couple of newspaper articles reporting how parents queued up way before the actual date for Phase 3 of the Primary One registration, only to find out that there are no more vacancies as the MOE website did not update the number of seats left.

My heart goes out to these parents, who pinned their hopes on getting the last few positions in the school of their choice, only to be disappointed.

I had lunch with a dear friend (who shall remain anonymous) this afternoon, he remarked in jest how his parents did not plan well for him (compared to his brother), as he attended neighbourhood schools which became defunct. So he was lamenting that when his kids are due for Primary One, he will have no alma matar privileges and have to compete with the rest of the non-affiliated members of the public.

Looking at this example, I was very concerned, to think that the planning for our grandkids' future starts now, with what I plan for my daughter. Besides education, the values we instill in her will affect what she'll become and how she'll raise her own kids.

The responsibility is immense.

But I'm sure all parents will do their utmost to give their own children their best, AND hope for the best. I'll be no different.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mayenne's New Hairdo

(well, it's actually my mum behind her)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Did It!!

Today marks yet another milestone in our lives - we have placed an order for a new car!!

Since last year, my friends have been bugging me to buy a new car, citing it's a first time buyer market (new cars were relatively cheap and we don't have the burden of disposing an existing car), provides convenience for the family etc. While I was keen to consider, Chester didn't share my excitement as he felt that it was premature to get a car then as we won't know how the baby will change our routines and way of life, and getting a car is a big decision, cos it may be cheap to buy a car, but there are expenses that we need to contend with.

Months rolled by and COEs rolled higher. The thought of getting a car faded into the background, tossed right to the back of my head, as my EDD drew near.

After Mayenne was born, I re-opened the discussion with Chester on the topic of getting a car. Chester was still hesitant and his parent were also initially against the idea, and offered to let us drive their car on weekends if we need to. But I explained to Ches that we (both his parents and us) would be bound by each other's schedules and activities, ie if we need to use the car, his parents will be forced to make alternative arrangements or even decide to stay home, just because the car is with us. The thought of depriving his parents from the use of their own car didn't sit well with me.

Besides, having our own car would greatly facilitate Ches in his photography jobs. Mayenne would also have the quality of life that both Ches and I previously were fortunate enough to enjoy - both our parents have cars when we were very young.

We finally concluded that we should get a car, but there's another problem - which car to get?

After a few weekends of car hunting and test driving, Chester was inclined to get the Nissan Latio, as it was the car that carries the most "gadgets" eg keyless ignition, ioniser aircon etc, made in Japan, was one of the more fuel efficient car with a spacious interior, and most importantly within our budget. He also got good reviews from a friend who bought a Latio late last year.

But I HATED the design of the car. Given that there aren't many choices around, I tried to convince myself that it isn't that boxy after the bodykit is installed, and it is a good car for that price. So I gave in and agreed to getting the Latio, only if Ches gets it in black.

Then COE plummeted by half last week, and we were grateful that we have not made a booking yet. Feeling good about the lower COE (which market says was primarily due to technical problems with the bidding system), we were all set to go to Tan Chong to place the order today.

But like God's calling, we came across Chevrolet's advertisement for their 2008 new Optra Magnum in Saturday's papers and the price were slashed by more than $5k in view of the lower COE, and this reduction was way more than Tan Chong's adjustment for the Latio.

We went to Alpine Motors to check out the car, and was offered a deal that was hard to resist - a 1.6L continental car for only $55,588, with guaranteed COE, free reverse sensors, free upgrade to leather seats and sports rims and free solar film. Best of all, the car looks great, well, at least much better than Latio.

After weeks of car searching, we decided on a car we saw for less than 1 hour. Such are ironies of life.

Really looking forward to the day when we collect the keys to the car. The next thing for me to do is take up driving refresher course...... :P

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mums & Babes

There have been a lot of arguments (friendly ones) as to who Mayenne resembles more, Chester or me. While trying to find evidence to support my case, I found some of my own baby photos and came across this one that my Dad took of my Mum and me in front of my paternal gramma's old house at Highland Street many many years ago. If you look closely enough, the date on the photo says Dec 1973, which means I was 3 months old then, about the same age as Mayenne now.

Feeling nostalgic, I took a photo in a similar pose with Mayenne too.

Me and Mum

Me and Mayenne

Here are some photos of Chester and me when we were tiny. What's the verdict, does Mayenne look more like Ches or me?

Baby Chester


Baby Angie


Baby Mayenne!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy 3rd Month, Mayenne!

Mayenne turns 3-month old today!

Here's looking at you!

But her mum had to "celebrate" this day by arranging for her to take not one, not two but 3 (!!!) vaccinations. Honestly, it was unintentional as the PD said that the jabs have to be administered when Mayenne is around 3 months, and it so happened that the appointment (booked a month ago) fell on her birthdate (24th).

As before, Mayenne cried only momentarily when the doctor injected her. Either she's a very brave girl, or she has inherited my thick-skin gene. For the videoclip of Mayenne's ordeal with the needle, check out Chester's blog at (Yes Sir! Yes Sir! 3 months full).

To make it up to her (or so I claim), I bought her a new Aprica stroller to replace the harsh-looking, totally uncomfortable, and unbelievably heavy Maclaren, and we used the Aprica today for the PD's visit. Mayenne seemed to have enjoyed her cushy ride and Mommie couldn't be more relieved that I don't need to lug that Maclaren piece of artillery equipment anymore.

Check out my new ride!
(I'm happier than I look, really)

Many people say that Mayenne looks more like a boy than a girl. So Mommie tries her very best to make sure that people don't mistaken her for one, like by getting her a red stroller, wearing pink clothes etc.

Today, as we were getting out of the lift at Gleneagles Medical Centre, Mayenne, sitting quietly in her red stroller wearing pink t-shirt and pants, caught the eye of a lady in the same lift as us, and she exclaimed, "What a good looking boy!" I replied, "Thanks, but she's actually a girl!" I think she got out of the lift at the next level.

After the PD's appointment, we bumped into my primary school music/choir teacher, Mrs Chin. It was actually my mum who pointed out her to me (my mum knows all my primary school teachers and vice versa - that's another long story for another time). Mrs Chin was the person who taught me how to sing, and placed music into my life. I remember her as a very dedicated teacher who relentlessly made sure that we believe in the songs we sing, and that we sing with our hearts. She still looked great after all these years (what, it must have been at least 20 years).

Anyway, back to Mayenne, I asked Mrs Chin if she thinks my baby was a boy or gal. She took a long hard look and confidently said "BOY".

I'm just short of making Mayenne wear a top that shouts "I'm Not a Boy!" and a wig.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Her First Laughter

I was in my room getting ready to go for a test drive with Chester and my FIL this morning, when my mum shouted, "Come Quick!"

Half-dressed, I rushed to Mayenne's room, only to find Mum playing with Mayenne's hands (like teaching her to clap), and Mayenne let out loud chuckles and giggles. I quickly grabbed my videocam to capture it. Her laughter was so contagious that both Mum and I couldn't stop laughing ourselves.

The simple joys in life.

But I'm also saddened by the fact that I will not be always around Mayenne to witness all her firsts, after I start work in 2 weeks' time. Gotta teach Mum how to use the videocam.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Asher and Joan

Happy First Month, Asher!

This afternoon we attended Asher's party at Joan's place, which was specially arranged for friends and colleagues. This is Part Deux of their celebrations (they held the family party last Sunday).

While pregnant, I have envisioned the day that we take a nice picture together with our babies .... Dream came true!

Mayenne & Me; Asher & Joan

Though this is the first time Mayenne and Asher meet face-to-face, but I'm sure they are already acquainted in their own telepathic ways when their mummies got together for their regular MJ sessions before they were born. :)

I'm really glad and thankful to have Joan as a preggo-buddy as we have shared endless information/tips/stories on anything and everything on pregnancy and childbirth, from tracking down the best discounts on baby/maternity products to sharing tried-and-tested methodologies vs attempt-at-your-own-risk old housewives' ways.

In many ways, we are very similar in the baby department: we have been trying for a while (and finally success!), we attended the same ante-natal lessons at TMC, both delivered at Gleneagles, both babies passed meconium while inside mummy's tummy, resulting in Emergency LSCS. Talk about camaraderie.

Hopefully our kids can be good friends too, as an extension of their mummies' friendship. Some even suggested that Joan and I may become in-laws, which would mean more MJ sessions!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

TGIF ..... Not

I used to long for the weekends as soon as Monday comes around.

Due to the crazy workload at the office before I went on maternity leave in May, it has been super long hours and late nights, so the weekends provided me with some form of relief, recharge and recovery of sanity.

However, that is not the case after Mayenne was born, cos Mum comes by on weekdays to help take care of Mayenne, and I have to do everything myself on my own on weekends, as Mum returns home on Friday nites to get some well-deserved rest and to catch up with her friends.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy looking after Mayenne: giving her her favourite bath, feeding her (gives me great satisfaction to see her empty the bottle - cos she hasn't been drinking much lately), etc. But at the end of each day, I'm exhausted, probably due to the interrupted sleep for nite feeds too.

But I believe in time, the whole routine will sink in and move like clockwork, and I'll do just fine.

Chester has been really sweet, trying to help out despite his busy project schedules. Well, it's great that he wants to be actively involved in taking care of Mayenne. But I think due to the infrequent contact (becos of work), Mayenne doesn't take to him as well. Though Chester has faced difficulties in soothing her when she's agitated or coaxing her to drink/sleep, what warms my heart is that he keeps trying and trying.

One of my girlfriends (who has a 6 month-old baby boy) told me that the only interaction that her husband has with their son, is to say hi to the baby when he returns from work, as he feel rather stupid talking more to "something" that doesn't respond, and he proceeds to play his computer games. This is such a sad thing as babies will only learn and be close to daddy and mummy through frequent interaction through talks, readings and physical contact.

While Chester has not mastered handling the baby, he has shown his love for Mayenne through the wonderful pictures he has taken and archived for us to reminisce in the future. He is also persistent in his efforts to learn to take care of Mayenne, which is something I'm so proud of.

Ches, you're the best dad Mayenne can have. We love you!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mummy Dearest

Today marks the end of my maternity leave of 3 months. But I've applied for another 2 weeks' leave from my annual leave so that I can spend more time with Mayenne.

These 3 months, which I initially thought will be painfully long before I delivered Mayenne in May, whizzed past me in a blink of an eye.

The 1st month of confinement was a little crazy; trying to adapt to motherhood, endless feeds and diaper changes, brushes with the confinement lady..... time flew, and before I knew it, we were celebrating Mayenne's first month.

2nd and 3rd months were more manageable and enjoyable, as Mayenne's feeding and sleeping patterns are more defined and she started interacting with us. It was also largely attributed to my mum coming over everyday on weekdays (sometimes she stays overnight), to help take care of Mayenne.

Whilst I feel really bad that she needs to wake up middle of the night to feed Mayenne, and that I insisted that I do it instead, she said she would prefer to use this time as training ground as she will be taking care of Mayenne when I return to work.

My mum quit her job in May in anticipation of the birth of her first grandchild and she has offered to take care of her. To me, this is such a big sacrifice, though some people think it's no big deal as grandparents look after their grandchildren all the time.

She has been a housewife all her life, until I entered Uni and my brother got enlisted into the army. She was finally getting to have a life of her own, making new friends and engaging in various social activities like line dancing and karaoking, but she gave up all these for Mayenne and me. I was really touched by her actions.

That being said, the older folks have their own thoughts and ways of doing things, which I may not see eye to eye. Given my fairly short fuse, sometimes I'll snap at Mum for things she didn't do right, eg left steriliser cover tilted (so sterilisation was not done properly), wore Mayenne's clothes backwards front etc.

I hate myself for raising my voice at her, and I've been trying to stop doing so. I tell myself to be more understanding as Mum is no longer young, and it is inevitable that she may be a little careless and forgetful.

Besides, she has been doing all the marketing, cooking and washing of Mayenne's clothes (by hand). What more can I ask for......

I ask myself: Would I be able do the same for Mayenne in the future? What if the person taking care of Mayenne was someone else eg my MIL, and she makes the same mistakes - would I yell at her?

I do not say this often enough - I love you, Mum, and THANK YOU.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Finally. My very own blog.

My hubby Chester (love you hunny!) has been bugging me to create my own blog for the longest time. Not sure what has been holding me back, perhaps I've been very busy with work, or may be I didn't subscribe to the idea of sharing your personal thoughts with the world.

Well, not until I had a life-changing event: I became the mother to a baby girl, Mayenne.

I have devoted all my time to taking care and looking after Mayenne during my maternity leave, and I'm enjoying every moment of it. When I asked my mum what I was like when I was around Mayenne's age (she's 11 weeks now), she couldn't quite recall, except that I eat and sleep a lot.

Then it struck me.... I don't want to forget all the special moments that I've shared with Mayenne and Chester.

I enjoy reading Chester's blog (, which captures his thoughts on things happening in his life, especially his interactions with Mayenne. I will read and re-read his posts, trying to relive the moments and feel his emotions.

I want to be able to do the same for myself, to capture Mayenne's first encounter with solid food, her tantrums when she's teething, how she got up and took her first step.

So here I am. My first post.

I think I'll bawl like a baby when Mayenne utters her first "Mummy".

Watch this space.