Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy 3rd Month, Mayenne!

Mayenne turns 3-month old today!

Here's looking at you!

But her mum had to "celebrate" this day by arranging for her to take not one, not two but 3 (!!!) vaccinations. Honestly, it was unintentional as the PD said that the jabs have to be administered when Mayenne is around 3 months, and it so happened that the appointment (booked a month ago) fell on her birthdate (24th).

As before, Mayenne cried only momentarily when the doctor injected her. Either she's a very brave girl, or she has inherited my thick-skin gene. For the videoclip of Mayenne's ordeal with the needle, check out Chester's blog at (Yes Sir! Yes Sir! 3 months full).

To make it up to her (or so I claim), I bought her a new Aprica stroller to replace the harsh-looking, totally uncomfortable, and unbelievably heavy Maclaren, and we used the Aprica today for the PD's visit. Mayenne seemed to have enjoyed her cushy ride and Mommie couldn't be more relieved that I don't need to lug that Maclaren piece of artillery equipment anymore.

Check out my new ride!
(I'm happier than I look, really)

Many people say that Mayenne looks more like a boy than a girl. So Mommie tries her very best to make sure that people don't mistaken her for one, like by getting her a red stroller, wearing pink clothes etc.

Today, as we were getting out of the lift at Gleneagles Medical Centre, Mayenne, sitting quietly in her red stroller wearing pink t-shirt and pants, caught the eye of a lady in the same lift as us, and she exclaimed, "What a good looking boy!" I replied, "Thanks, but she's actually a girl!" I think she got out of the lift at the next level.

After the PD's appointment, we bumped into my primary school music/choir teacher, Mrs Chin. It was actually my mum who pointed out her to me (my mum knows all my primary school teachers and vice versa - that's another long story for another time). Mrs Chin was the person who taught me how to sing, and placed music into my life. I remember her as a very dedicated teacher who relentlessly made sure that we believe in the songs we sing, and that we sing with our hearts. She still looked great after all these years (what, it must have been at least 20 years).

Anyway, back to Mayenne, I asked Mrs Chin if she thinks my baby was a boy or gal. She took a long hard look and confidently said "BOY".

I'm just short of making Mayenne wear a top that shouts "I'm Not a Boy!" and a wig.


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