Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mums & Babes

There have been a lot of arguments (friendly ones) as to who Mayenne resembles more, Chester or me. While trying to find evidence to support my case, I found some of my own baby photos and came across this one that my Dad took of my Mum and me in front of my paternal gramma's old house at Highland Street many many years ago. If you look closely enough, the date on the photo says Dec 1973, which means I was 3 months old then, about the same age as Mayenne now.

Feeling nostalgic, I took a photo in a similar pose with Mayenne too.

Me and Mum

Me and Mayenne

Here are some photos of Chester and me when we were tiny. What's the verdict, does Mayenne look more like Ches or me?

Baby Chester


Baby Angie


Baby Mayenne!


Secret said...

Errrrrrr ....... me thinks that your girl looks like Daddy-o leh. However (I wave a finger in the air with energy), however ..... ask again when she's older, and you might get a different answer, okay, because baby's faces change, y'know.

angiebabie said...

Hi Secret

You are not alone in your views. In fact I'm still trying to find someone to join my camp (ie who thinks she looks like me).

Like you said, we'll see how she change and I'm still taking bets :P.

Secret said...

But you know something, Angie ? People say that it's better for daughters to look like their fathers, because it's "cool" (in Chinese belief) something like ying and yang, and balance. Ask your parents if they've heard of this saying. So the next thing to do is to have a son, and he may just resemble you !

Speaking of resemblance, neither of my sister's kids look like any of their parents !!! When I ask her, she replies that they look like ...... THEMSELVES !!!