Sunday, August 19, 2007

Asher and Joan

Happy First Month, Asher!

This afternoon we attended Asher's party at Joan's place, which was specially arranged for friends and colleagues. This is Part Deux of their celebrations (they held the family party last Sunday).

While pregnant, I have envisioned the day that we take a nice picture together with our babies .... Dream came true!

Mayenne & Me; Asher & Joan

Though this is the first time Mayenne and Asher meet face-to-face, but I'm sure they are already acquainted in their own telepathic ways when their mummies got together for their regular MJ sessions before they were born. :)

I'm really glad and thankful to have Joan as a preggo-buddy as we have shared endless information/tips/stories on anything and everything on pregnancy and childbirth, from tracking down the best discounts on baby/maternity products to sharing tried-and-tested methodologies vs attempt-at-your-own-risk old housewives' ways.

In many ways, we are very similar in the baby department: we have been trying for a while (and finally success!), we attended the same ante-natal lessons at TMC, both delivered at Gleneagles, both babies passed meconium while inside mummy's tummy, resulting in Emergency LSCS. Talk about camaraderie.

Hopefully our kids can be good friends too, as an extension of their mummies' friendship. Some even suggested that Joan and I may become in-laws, which would mean more MJ sessions!!

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