Friday, August 31, 2007

Weighty Issues

When I was expecting Mayenne, I gained 15kg by full term. I patted myself on the shoulder as I expected myself to put on even more, cos I have known people to put on 20+ kgs, and I sure look like I'm capable of it.

Mayenne was a relatively small baby (weighed in 2.59kg when she's born), so no prize for guessing where all the extra pounds went. Nonetheless, within the first month after delivery, I lost 9kg, which I attributed the loss to the missing amniotic fluid, placenta and loss of some f.a.t.

But my joy was short-lived, cos in months 2 & 3, it was as though time stood still or my weighing scale got stuck, cos it stayed at the level I weighed myself at end of Month 1. Tried a few other weighing scales eg at Mayenne's PD's clinic and my facial/spa saloon. Conclusion: there's nothing wrong with my scale at home.

Ok, ok, I didn't cut my carbos and exercise as much as I should, but breastfeeding is suppose to suck the calories out of me!!

In denial, I went on with my life and stayed away from the weighing scales for about 1 1/2 weeks. It was until today that I tried wearing a pair of pants which was a little tight the last time round, and it felt loose. I scrambled to the scales and stepped on it - it's minus 2kgs from what I registered previously. Yippee!

Must be all the fat-burning workouts that came with my intensive shopping expeditions over the last 2 weeks, in view that I'll be going back to work soon. If retail therapy really works, instead of throwing $$$ into a slimming centre, I would rather shop like crazy, lose the weight, and use the money to reward myself.

The hard part is to convince my hubby to sponsor this form of therapy. :)

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Chester Tan said...

Ah, I am convinced that retail therapy will help you lose weight! So for a start, you shall be in charge of all purchasing made at NTUC Fairprice. You shall also be tasked to lug all the shopping bags home - by foot. With your perseverance, you will lose a few more pounds! Jia you!