Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shhhhoooo Shhhickkkk

I have finally succumbed to it.

I thought the flu jab I took years ago was the ultimate vaccine, cos I din fall sick (well, at least not to flu) for almost 2 years, even when I was pregnant.

When my colleague Alice reported to work one day with a pretty serious flu, I withstood any contagions and survived the week without a sniffle.

I guess the last straw was when my boss caught the flu bug, cos I was hanging around him quite a bit, for customer meetings and discussions. And Tamiflu had to expire on one of those days....

Here I am, trying to type with tissue paper in one hand and the other holding my head.

Not wanting Mayenne to catch it from me, I've "deposited" her with my mum for an overnight stay yesterday, but today I feel worse (just took the medicine from the doctor's - takes time to kick in). So Mum asked me to keep Mayenne with her for another night. You're the greatest, Mum!!!

I refrained from carrying Mayenne, afraid that the she will catch the bug from me. But she needed Mummy's comfort and warmth, so she cried and cried, arms outstretched, wanting me to carry her. Breaks my heart.

Mum had to carry her into the bedroom and asked us to quickly leave the house, or else she will keep looking for us and refuse to sleep. We had to quietly and quickly make my exit, and my mum told me the next morning that Mayenne actually slept well last night, which was great.


Excuse me, gotta go and rest.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Love Conquers All

I wrote down this as my favourite quote under my profile in Facebook, because I truly believe in it.

In this time of age, many things have come to challenge this - fame, power, wealth etc, for which some people are willing to sacrifice love, to achieve.

Love comes in so many types - parental love, love between family members, love between friends etc, but the greatest love of all - is unconditional, selfless love.

Yesterday, I got to know about a story of a friend's journey in becoming a Mummy and how it exemplifies true unconditional love.

I remember visiting my fren's YM's house for a gathering the year before, and I was expecting Mayenne then. YM was newly married then, and she told me that she would love to start a family soon, just like Chester and I. Shortly after Mayenne was born, we heard the great news from her that she was expecting!

Due to our own busy schedules and taking care of Lil' Princess Mayenne, I didn't really follow up (regretfully) with YM on her developments, and only found out that she has given birth in Mar08, after she posted some photos of her and her baby on the FB.

I wrote to her to congratulate on the new addition into the family. She replied and asked me to visit her blog for Little Baby Vera. It was then I found out that Baby Vera has Trisomy 18, a very serious, and usually fatal condition. Every blogpost I read, I cried. By the time I've finished reading her last post, my eyes were so swollen (they still are), that I couldn't really open them.

I don't want to take away what YM has written about her journey by trying to paraphrase it here, cos it's her personal story to tell. What truly stands out to me was how her strong love for Baby Vera, has conquered all her fears, uncertainties, tiredness, emotions, to allow her to focus on the most important thing - Baby Vera. It is undeniably tough, and YM is unlikely to be doing this, without the love and support of her husband and family too. Most importantly, Baby's Vera love for her parents and love for life, which makes her the fighter she is, is beating the odds and against the medical statistics.

Love..... really conquers all.

If anyone of you knows of any mummies in Singapore who has living babies/kids with Trisomy 18, do drop me a note, as YM is looking to reach out to these mummies.

Thank you.

YM, I will pray for Baby Vera and you. Stay strong, cos Baby Vera is a fighter!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Gramps!

Celebrated Chester's Dad's birthday over the weekend. Here she is trying to sing the birthday song.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Once our Baby, Always our Baby

Over the last month, Mayenne has grown so much: she's taller and stronger now; she can walk rather steadily and even master stair climbing; has teeth to bite and chew food; and she can identify more than half of the alphabets and at least 40-50 things, from body parts to animals, and household items to people.

As her Mummy, I must admit I'm very happy and proud that Mayenne has completed her first milestone, from baby to toddler. But most importantly, she is a happy kid with loads of ideas and "patterns" up her sleeves, and she never fails to put a smile on our faces.

So fast she's grown, I've actually forgotten how fragile she can be.

This evening we went over to my Mum's for dinner as usual, and Mayenne would watch her a bit of TV while we quickly finish our dinner and get her ready to go home. While she was watching, she got excited and found herself lying down on her tummy, but her left hand and a part of her lower arm were caught between her body and the floor. Not knowing how to release her trapped hand, she tried tugging and jerking it out, and before we can stop her, she twisted her wrist and some fingers.

That was followed by a loud painful wail and she was inconsolable. What almost killed me was when I saw her arm: all limp, red and swollen. And when we tried to rub her hand, she let out another shriek in pain. I thought to myself: why did I left my Baby suffer!

We tried to soothe her down: tried to give her some water as I think she must be feeling so afraid, but she refused. Fortunately, her favourite TV program called "Danny & Daddy" came on, and she started to calm down a little and then she smiled.

Then gently we tried to rub her fingers and wrist again and this time she didn't resist (was probably distracted by the TV). Shortly after, we gave her her favourite toy to hold in her left hand. Slowly she reached out and curl her fingers round the toy.

She's gonna be alright. Thank God for that.

I guess this is the dilemma for all parents -- learning to let go so that the baby can explore with her new found mobility, but at the same time is constantly worried about safety and accidents.

But I guess that's part and parcel of parenting, but such worries would seem so minute and negligible, as they are nothing compared to the joys to derive from our kids - it's immeasurable.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

From Crawling to Walking

Mayenne is officially walking! She is so thrilled with her new found skill that she just keeps walking and walking and walking - in a straight line, in a circle (eg round some furniture), sideways (actually she's trying to get her balance and walking at the same time) etc. Sometimes, she can get so confident that she'll even do some running instead!

Mummy will be getting her long overdue exercises - cos she has to run after Mayenne now!