Monday, July 28, 2008

Love Conquers All

I wrote down this as my favourite quote under my profile in Facebook, because I truly believe in it.

In this time of age, many things have come to challenge this - fame, power, wealth etc, for which some people are willing to sacrifice love, to achieve.

Love comes in so many types - parental love, love between family members, love between friends etc, but the greatest love of all - is unconditional, selfless love.

Yesterday, I got to know about a story of a friend's journey in becoming a Mummy and how it exemplifies true unconditional love.

I remember visiting my fren's YM's house for a gathering the year before, and I was expecting Mayenne then. YM was newly married then, and she told me that she would love to start a family soon, just like Chester and I. Shortly after Mayenne was born, we heard the great news from her that she was expecting!

Due to our own busy schedules and taking care of Lil' Princess Mayenne, I didn't really follow up (regretfully) with YM on her developments, and only found out that she has given birth in Mar08, after she posted some photos of her and her baby on the FB.

I wrote to her to congratulate on the new addition into the family. She replied and asked me to visit her blog for Little Baby Vera. It was then I found out that Baby Vera has Trisomy 18, a very serious, and usually fatal condition. Every blogpost I read, I cried. By the time I've finished reading her last post, my eyes were so swollen (they still are), that I couldn't really open them.

I don't want to take away what YM has written about her journey by trying to paraphrase it here, cos it's her personal story to tell. What truly stands out to me was how her strong love for Baby Vera, has conquered all her fears, uncertainties, tiredness, emotions, to allow her to focus on the most important thing - Baby Vera. It is undeniably tough, and YM is unlikely to be doing this, without the love and support of her husband and family too. Most importantly, Baby's Vera love for her parents and love for life, which makes her the fighter she is, is beating the odds and against the medical statistics.

Love..... really conquers all.

If anyone of you knows of any mummies in Singapore who has living babies/kids with Trisomy 18, do drop me a note, as YM is looking to reach out to these mummies.

Thank you.

YM, I will pray for Baby Vera and you. Stay strong, cos Baby Vera is a fighter!

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Cathy said...

Just wanted to let you know that my little girl was born in March 05.We have had 3 wonderful years with her. If you would like to tell her about us, that would be great. Thank you for helping your friend. Cathy & Annabel