Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There were recently a couple of newspaper articles reporting how parents queued up way before the actual date for Phase 3 of the Primary One registration, only to find out that there are no more vacancies as the MOE website did not update the number of seats left.

My heart goes out to these parents, who pinned their hopes on getting the last few positions in the school of their choice, only to be disappointed.

I had lunch with a dear friend (who shall remain anonymous) this afternoon, he remarked in jest how his parents did not plan well for him (compared to his brother), as he attended neighbourhood schools which became defunct. So he was lamenting that when his kids are due for Primary One, he will have no alma matar privileges and have to compete with the rest of the non-affiliated members of the public.

Looking at this example, I was very concerned, to think that the planning for our grandkids' future starts now, with what I plan for my daughter. Besides education, the values we instill in her will affect what she'll become and how she'll raise her own kids.

The responsibility is immense.

But I'm sure all parents will do their utmost to give their own children their best, AND hope for the best. I'll be no different.

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