Saturday, August 18, 2007

TGIF ..... Not

I used to long for the weekends as soon as Monday comes around.

Due to the crazy workload at the office before I went on maternity leave in May, it has been super long hours and late nights, so the weekends provided me with some form of relief, recharge and recovery of sanity.

However, that is not the case after Mayenne was born, cos Mum comes by on weekdays to help take care of Mayenne, and I have to do everything myself on my own on weekends, as Mum returns home on Friday nites to get some well-deserved rest and to catch up with her friends.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy looking after Mayenne: giving her her favourite bath, feeding her (gives me great satisfaction to see her empty the bottle - cos she hasn't been drinking much lately), etc. But at the end of each day, I'm exhausted, probably due to the interrupted sleep for nite feeds too.

But I believe in time, the whole routine will sink in and move like clockwork, and I'll do just fine.

Chester has been really sweet, trying to help out despite his busy project schedules. Well, it's great that he wants to be actively involved in taking care of Mayenne. But I think due to the infrequent contact (becos of work), Mayenne doesn't take to him as well. Though Chester has faced difficulties in soothing her when she's agitated or coaxing her to drink/sleep, what warms my heart is that he keeps trying and trying.

One of my girlfriends (who has a 6 month-old baby boy) told me that the only interaction that her husband has with their son, is to say hi to the baby when he returns from work, as he feel rather stupid talking more to "something" that doesn't respond, and he proceeds to play his computer games. This is such a sad thing as babies will only learn and be close to daddy and mummy through frequent interaction through talks, readings and physical contact.

While Chester has not mastered handling the baby, he has shown his love for Mayenne through the wonderful pictures he has taken and archived for us to reminisce in the future. He is also persistent in his efforts to learn to take care of Mayenne, which is something I'm so proud of.

Ches, you're the best dad Mayenne can have. We love you!

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