Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day 105 - It's Finally Over

On the last day of my maternity leave and before going back into the real world tomorrow, I've taken count of some of the memorable events that happened to me during these 3.5 months, in a poem (or at least something like a poem):

Gave birth to the most beautiful thing and joined motherhood
Realized the stinkiest thing on earth is baby's poo
Bathed with strange herbal water and ate heaty food that can give one nosebleeds
Had to contend with confinement ladies one, two and three
Our house failed the stress testing - sewage pipe choked, water pipe leaked
But the mess was nothing compared to Mayenne puking on bed her entire feed
My fridge died and resurrected
My aircon turned into a heater, unsuspected
My big boss, immediate boss and CSO resigned on me
Plus many other colleagues who joined the bank after me
Witnessed someone commit suicide opposite my block
Witnessed someone parking in the path of someone else's car, and TP was called
Relentlessly worked as Mayenne's milkbar
And we finally bought a car, the newest Chevy Optra
While my life will never be the same
I dare say, I don't mind going through all this again!

Knowing how busy I can be after returning to work, I hope to find time to update my blog as often as I can - it's something I've grown to love to do and it would probably be a good outlet for me, from all the work pressures and stress.

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