Monday, September 3, 2007

Missing Baby

No, this is not an appeal for a disappearance; it's how I feel when I returned to work today.

Mayenne woke up at 7 plus in the morning, a little earlier than usual, as though she knew Mummy was going back to work and wanted to see me before I leave home. May be I'm imagining things, but I swear the look in her eyes was different -- there seemed to be a longing and plea to stay, and it doesn't help when she held on to my fingers so tightly, not willing to let go. I left home with some tears in my eyes, and I was hoping Chester didn't notice.

Then, in the office, I realised I have not downloaded any Mayenne's photos into my handphone (because it doesn't have a camera). Tried assessing Chester's and my blogs, but my company's firewall blocked all access. Then, I panicked as I felt I've forgotten how she looks like. As soon as I stepped back into our house, I rushed to her and hugged her.

It's tough to be away from someone you've grown to love, and the love is multiplying exponentially. It's tough to suddenly not see someone whom you've spent all your time with for more than 3 months. It's tough not to be able to be there to see what are the new things Mayenne has learnt and ever ready to show off.

This may all sound drama, but I believe all mothers will understand how I feel.

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