Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our New Baby

Join us in welcoming the newest member to our family:

Chevy Tan

Over the last few days, I have been checking on Chester on his excitement level on the arrival of our new car. Didn't get much pulse.

May be to him, the car is just a transport equipment, so there's really nothing to get too excited about. But for me, it is a milestone in our lives, just like having Mayenne. It will change our lives (for the better I hope).

At the advice of Chester's uncle, we arranged to pick up the car after 11am as it would be a "good" time to do so. Dex, the Chevy guy was really nice and he offered to send the car to Tuff-Kote to do the PPS first thing in the morning, so that we can save some time as it takes about 3 hours to do the treatment.

My father-in-law and Uncle Lee drove us to Alpine Motors at Sin Ming (their workshop is located there as well) and we reached there at about 11.30am. But the car was nowhere to be seen, and Dex called to tell us that they are putting the finishing touches to it. So instead of waiting at Alpine, we drove out to Tuff-Kote (which is just a few meters away from Alpine) to just take a look. True enough they were almost done and we all then headed back to Alpine with our new car.

Then we went to ThermalGuard at Macpherson to do up the solar film. Left the car with them and went for lunch. Within the hour, the process was completed, and we went for a spin and ended up at Autobacs at Bukit Timah to buy some car stuff, like chamois and leather wipes.

I was overwhelmed and amazed by the number and type of car products, ranging from decorative (flashing dice??) to maintenance (oils, sprays, paste, scrubs) to technical (meters, exhaust pipes for znging). Subsequently we returned to AMK and went to AMK Hub to buy some groceries and dinner.

It's been a long, but fulfilling day. And I've gotta stop peering at our car each time I pass our kitchen window (which is facing the carpark) ......

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