Saturday, September 22, 2007

22nd September 2007

Yes, I turn 34 today.

I must say my 34th year on planet earth was about the most exciting and memorable one - same time last year I found out I was pregnant, I gave birth to my precious Mayenne and we bought our very first car.

As I had to attend my company's D&D last night, Mum has kindly stayed over for one more night. When I reached home, I found a box on my bed, and it was a gift from my darling hubby. It was the new P1i from Sony Ericsson, the phone that I really fancy. (Thanks Hunny!)

This morning when I went over to see Mayenne after I woke up, Mum and Chester were cheering her while as she did her flip exercise. This time, she managed to push herself up and support her body at almost 90 degree angle, something which she has been struggling to do for the longest time. That really made my day.

We didn't make plans to celebrate the day as I wanted to rest at home after a long night last night. It may be seem a little quiet to spend the anniversary of the day you were born like that, but spending it with your loved ones is more than anything you can asked for.

Happy Birthday, Angie.

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carmenleong said...

happy belated birfday!