Thursday, September 6, 2007

Urg... Urg....Urg...

No, wrong again, this is not sound from an X-rated film, it's the sound that my breastpump makes :)

At the very beginning, I attempted to BF Mayenne direct. However, due to her jaundice condition and she appeared to be dehydrated, the PD suggested that I pump so that we can ascertain how much Mayenne drank.

So we bottle-fed her for a couple of weeks, and in between tried to latch her on for some feeds so that she will not reject direct BF and I can keep my supply going. However, Mayenne dozed off very quickly when being BFed, and she certainly has not drank enough. So we made a decision for feed her from the bottle, giving EBM, and formula as supplement.

I'm glad that despite the few direct BF sessions, I manage to have a decent supply of BM, only supplementing one feed a day with formula.

I plan to give Mayenne EBM for as long as I can, and this period may be shorter than I think as I am not able to pump as frequently as before (when I'm at home) now that I'm back at work. At best, I will pump before I leave for work, during lunchtime and when I return home (at about 8pm). As such, I noticed that my boobs are less full and EBM collected has dwindled. I also foresee the situation getting worse when I have to attend customer visits or business lunch/dinners, and the intervals between pumps may stretch even longer.

It also doesn't help that the Bank doesn't have meeting rooms with curtains, so what some nursing mums can do is to lock themselves inside the equipment rooms (where photocopies, fax machines are housed) in their office during lunchtime. But my division is a very busy one, and by locking myself up in the equipment room will deprive people from using the machines and hinder someone's work.

As such, I had no choice but to pump in the toilet. I chose the cleanest toilets in the building on the 19th floor but I still feel very uncomfortable and that it's rather unhygienic. But I really have no choice as there are no nursing rooms around Raffles Place area.

I guess I just have to bear with the inconvenience and less-than-ideal place to pump, just so that Mayenne can have BM. Hopefully all this effort will help make her a healthier and happier baby.

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Jane said...

Hi friend, toilets at 19floor is quite good already. I used to pump...oh, I mean express in DBS Business Centre Hong Lim's toilet which is "lesser" of what you have and with the loud mendala pump (you mentioned it sounds like a lawn mower?)I survived 7 months. Its definitely worth it. I regretted that I stopped after 4 months for my second babe because of an overseas trip to the desert. Now I know why the classic songs "Shi sang zhi you ma ma how..." Hail mothers!Jane