Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is That Your Final Answer?


We make them everyday, big or small, fast or delayed, important or trivial.

I may be rather quick in making decisions at work (actually, we don't have the luxury of having too much time to think, given the nature of my job), but when it comes to deciding things for myself, I tend to procrastinate, as I'm afraid that it may be a decision I'll regret making.

Take the buying of our car for instance. First of all, deciding on buying a car already took us a while - worked out the math, on its frequency of use, practicality etc. Then, the car itself. Being not very informed on the car world nor savvy in car language, having to choose a car out of so many brands and models almost gave me a nervous breakdown.

We finally decided on the Chevy Optra Magnum, and I was convinced (well, at least while we were at the Chevy showroom) that we've got a great deal for it and it's the best possible buy. So I happily shared my joy with a couple of friends (non-Chevy owners), whom I found to be less than enthusiastic about Chevy, citing less-than-favourable reviews. Then I start to wonder if Chevy was the right choice (brain started throbbing).

Ches told me that he had a colleague who also owns a Chevy, and his feedback has been very positive. I guess nothing beats the words from the horse's mouth. So I've again convinced myself our choice is right (throbbing eased slightly).

"What colour?" was the next question. It may seem simple enough, but Chester and I had many rounds of discussion, trying to convince each other what is the best colour. Ches was more inclined on practicality, ie ease of maintenance, ie not black. I support his case, but the rest of the Chevy colours are not nice, except black (you can't go wrong with black), and he agrees with me.

After weighing the pros and cons, we ultimately decided black for our first car, so that we will not be living each day wondering how it is like to own one, and experience the pains of maintaining one, so that our next car will not be black :).

When Ches paid the balance and signed off the alteration form today, to amend the colour from silver to black (we initially chose black as Ches was not keen on black then), he asked me if I was sure, I reluctantly nodded but my head was spinning again.

May be the Paint Protection System that we plan to do for the car is not as good as I thought, or may be I will not have the time to even do a water-wash on the car as I'll be busy with Mayenne. May be silver is better so that the chrome linings are not so obvious .......


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