Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Celebrating Po Po's Birthday

We celebrated my mum's birthday last Sunday, together with my brother Cedric and sis-in-law Karynn. This would also be our first outing together.

Ced came to pick us at about 10.45am (our car is not ready yet) and we then headed for my mum's place which is just a 3-min drive away from where I stay. As Mayenne has not visited grandma's place before, we brought Mayenne upstairs to jor-jor (hang around). I guess she was overwhelmed about being at a new place, she bawled and was inconsolable. However, when my mum offered her an angpow, she was calmly took it and stopped crying. Bravo.

I'm getting there.... closer....

heh heh heh..... got it
(but must still pretend to sulk)

We then made our way to Kam Boat at Marina Square for some dim sum. Mayenne was fussing a bit when we were settling down at the table, but soon fell fast asleep, giving us some peace to enjoy our food.

After a short nap and feeling refreshed, Mayenne was all energetic and ecstatic. May be she's just thrilled on her first shopping day; may be she's just glad she's out of the house. Here are some happy moments she shared with Grandma.

Here's one for the album.

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and clean the nursery room was at Marina Square. The changing table was padded and there was ample space to manoveur within the room. One thing that could be improved would be to make the door to the room swing outwards, as I was nearly hit by the door when someone barged in, thinking it was a toilet (and of course, no apology was offered).

It's been a long while since we (I mean I) shopped, so we walked quite a bit, venturing between Marina Square and Suntec. Mayenne was rather cooperative, drifting in and out of sleep in her stroller as we pushed her along. It was only towards the end of the day when she got cranky and was refusing her milk though she didn't drink much the whole afternoon.

All in all, I enjoyed myself on Sunday, but was pooped at the end of it. And this is with my mum's help. With more practice (after getting our own car), I guess I should be able to manage without my mum, and could start going to more adventurous places, such as parks, beaches etc.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to stick to air-conditioned places with nursery rooms.

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