Friday, September 7, 2007

I survived ..... barely

Whilst I've braced myself to return to work after 3.5 months, nothing could ever prepare me for what I had to face.

Expired (and forgotten) passwords hindered my ability to start work on my first day, a couple of thousands emails choked my inbox, tons of work still outstanding. Nonetheless, I am extremely appreciative to Rena, Pearlwyn, Jane and Ben for covering me during my absence. I am also grateful to come back to an understanding new boss who is very supportive of my new role (as mummy) and has been helping me with some of my work.

After Friday, I've got to switch to my Mummy Mode to take care of all Mayenne's needs (cos Mondays to Fridays are taken care of by my mum), which includes the night feeds and baths.

Ok, so I survived my first week, but it will take a lot of getting used to, now with all the new responsibilities at home. No more waking up to late mornings on weekends or going for an impromptu massage or shopping trip downtown. Meeting up with friends will also need days of planning. Demands from work will increase: clear outstanding matters, keep up to date of customers' new requirements, events that the bank/department host etc.

But I think I'll be alright, with the support of my hubby and my family.

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