Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mayenne - Monet

We bought Mayenne a magnetic drawing board for her a couple of months ago, and the only thing she was keen to do with it then was to pick up the little 'stampers' (which came in various shapes like star and heart) and throw them to see them fly.

Gradually, Popo managed to teach her how the stylus and stampers are used but she was still not interested.

Then one day, Mayenne placed the board on her lap, took the stylus in her right hand and started drawing. At first she couldn't get much on the board as the angle at which she was holding the stylus was too low, ie about parallel to the board. Hence the nib was not on the board. Slowly she figured it out and she started to draw more confidently, so much so that she even reached for her favourite star stamper with her left hand (her right hand was still holding the stylus), and starting stamping.

Draw a bit, stamp a bit. She looked like she knew exactly what she wanted to draw. I have videoed the process but the clip was relatively long. So I've just enclosed the masterpiece here instead, which we named Shooting Stars.

Mayenne's First Artwork

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