Saturday, October 13, 2007

Baby Car Seat

If anyone out there is looking for a car seat, I recommend Bridex's Safe-N-Sound Range, and model "Premier". It is one of the few car seats which you can use from birth (rear facing; turn it around to face front when baby is 9 months) till the kid needs a booster seat. The fabric is plush, paddings are ample, and the base of the seat is smooth and rounded such that it will not damage your leather car seats.

We bought the car seat from Baby Hypermart at Ubi on the same weekend we collected our car.
We asked the sales person to install it in the car for us so that we can also learn the steps to fix and remove the seat.

I held my breath when I placed Mayenne in the seat, almost expecting her to wail and try to squirm her way out immediately.

But no..... she looked extremely comfortable and all set for the ride home. In fact, she fell asleep as soon as we left Ubi.

One word of caution though, the seat is so comfortable that I had trouble getting her out of it, and she will have an entire episode of wailing and crying back at home, taking us at least half an hour to calm her down.

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