Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy 6th Anniversary!

To my dearest, cutest hubby Chester:

It has been six years since we walked down the aisle, and I recently asked you if it feels like 6 years to you. You quickly said no, and added "It feels like 10!"

Your sense of humour is something that I'm still learning to appreciate :P. Other than that, I count my blessings everyday for you .....

...... for being my pillar of strength during tough times, especially the recent phase that we went through with my mum

...... for showering Mayenne and I your unconditional love

...... for working so hard to provide us with necessities and luxuries

...... most importantly, for making that decision 6 years ago so that we have all the reasons to celebrate our love and share our lives together today.

I Love You Darling!


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