Monday, May 19, 2008

Damn those antz

About a couple of months ago, our house was invaded by swarms of ants, of various species. In bid to eradicate them, we placed ant baits at strategic spots in the house.

While we know that it takes some time for the bait to be brought back to the ants' nest such that all ants will be poisoned, today we are still in the unwelcomed company of these six-legged creatures. We observed an interesting phenomenon: instead of staying in their nests, the ants all crawled out from the nest to die. This resulted in me having to sweep away hundreds of corpses every day. I even found a heap (I am not exaggerating) of dead ants, like a mass gravenear my window sill. Sometimes, the ants were not exactly dead but half-groggy, and I have to chase after them.

Worst of all, they attacked Mayenne, even though she sleeps in a high cot. Just the day before her 2nd birthday party, she had at least 7 bite marks on her body, of which one is smack right on her fair rosy cheek. Sigh.

In a fit of anger, I threw away all the baits a couple of days, as I thot it's a self-fulfilling prophecy - the more baits you place, more ants will come, and I believe there are just too many nests to tackle.

Hopefully the situation will improve and my darling Mayenne will not have to suffer anymore.

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