Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As adults, we mark milestones as important points in time when we achieved something we set out to do, or attained significant goals and/or memorable events.

For Mayenne, milestones are set everyday, and Mummy and Papa cannot be prouder.

Given that it is already the end of 2008, it may be good to take stock of the wonderful things that Mayenne can do now, at 19 months:
  • identify all her upper case alphabets, A-Z
  • identify 50% of lower case alphabets (eg still need more work to explain to her that letter "l" is not number "1")
  • know numbers 1-10
  • can arrange in 1, 2, 3 in order
  • can group colours together, eg lime green and leaf green
  • can identify shapes, like circle, square, triangle, star eg
  • recognises at least 150 songs and find the words to the song in the correct song book
  • toilet trained (except for bedtime)
  • take simple instructions, like give something to someone, keep a toy, bring your shoes here etc
  • can do a forward roll on her bed

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