Saturday, January 17, 2009

The "Death-Defying, Traffic Stopping" Stare

To fellow drivers out there, or even to those who sit at the front passenger seat: have you ever encountered people who cross the roads, where and when they are not suppose to (that's why I don't categorise them as "pedestrians"), midway on the road, they will turn to look straight at your car to give that "I-am-crossing-the-road-so-you-betta-slow-down" look?

I mean, Hello??!!! If I want to cross a road despite on coming traffic, I will try to cross it as quickly as I can and get out of the traffic's way.

But NOOOOOO..... these people still take their own sweet time to cross and continue their stare while they are strolling. And if you choose to horn them, they will make a lightning switch to a "Hit-me-if-you-dare" glare. AND you are lucky, you'll also get a nice wave in the form of a finger gesture.


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