Thursday, December 17, 2009

7-Month Itch

Yes, I've written my last blog exactly seven whole months ago.

During these seven months, many many things have happened and/or taken place. Many a times, I've clicked on "Create Post" and after typing for a while, I found myself being distracted by other things and never got to complete them.

May be the 7-whatever-period-it-might-be itch is really true.

So here I am.

Quick summary of what has happened so far:
  • my first maid decided to go home, cos I refused to let her buy a handphone
  • got 2nd and present maid
  • tried sending Mayenne to childcare; pulled her out from Modern Montessori after she came home with a flipped and bleeding fingernail (no one from the school even realised it)
  • house-hunting ended with a high note
  • manage to secure a class for Mayenne at GUG, and she loves it
  • met a car accident in our own car (thank God Mayenne was not in it and for Chester's fast reaction, such that the only damage is to the car)
  • did some soul searching for the greater good
  • went for a wonderful holiday at HK/Macau
  • aircon at our current place broke down; need to invest in a new set
  • found the ID to do our new home
  • Mayenne can narrate the whole alphabets, and most numbers between 1-100
  • she can also handle a 40 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • sing Burung Kakak Dua
  • and cry when she saw Mickey shoo-ing Pluto away as he was disturbing little baby red bird (we guess Mayenne felt sorry for Pluto, cos after we told her that Mickey will go look for Pluto and apologise, she was smiling again)
Hopefully the next post will not be in July.

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