Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good Intentions

"Eat your vegetables! They are good for you!"

All mums would have said the above to their kid(s) some point in their lives. Being a kid before (hard to believe, but yes have been one), I remember asking myself how can something that tastes so strange be ever good for you? But we trust our parents to know best and they are there to protect us.

As we grow up, through our life paths, we experience new things, face new challenges and we learn to know what is good and bad (or at least what we think is good and bad).

Sometimes our judgment can be clouded, like how some people don't apologise even when they know they are in the wrong, because it involves pride; or when people are so determined to do something that they are passionate about or love, and don't consider the severity of consequences of their actions.

So sometimes, when we think a person cannot make any logical and rational decisions because of this cloudiness, we make the decision that overrides all decisions, for what we think is for the good of all (again can be subjective). The overruled party will inevitable be disappointed, angry, and may even ignore the advices and stick to their own plans.

It is scarily fascinating to note how two persons can have completely different views on the same situation, how one can take things so lightly when the other thinks it is a matter of life and death.

Call me a paranoid, over-reacting, pessimistic, selfish party pooper, but when it comes to protecting people and things I love, I can't be more selfish, can I?

I just hope for understanding and trust, and I still eat my vegetables today.

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