Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cold Turkey - Day V

After a nice seafood dinner at Sin Hoi San (Tiong Bahru) in celebration of my mum's birthday, we headed home.

Mayenne was fussing a bit after her milk feed, and wanting me to carry her. Ches tried to help out as I was busy washing up her bottles and dinner containers, but she was giving him a hard time as nothing he did seems to give her comfort.

After I was done, I brought her into my room (the weather tonight was tremendously stuffy), and I think the cooler temperature (aircon was on) may have calmed her somewhat. She began flipping some mags and gave some baby hugs [she does it by bringing her face to the thing she likes in the magazine (sometimes a little too fast and too hard) - like giving them a kiss].

I was pretty tired myself, so I was just lying on the bed and watching her go through the mags. Then I realised I was dozing off, so I brought her to lie next to me. Sometimes she will just get up and fuss again, but tonight, she laid very still on the pillow we share, but her eyes were roving. At that point it felt like Mum and Daughter were sharing some ESP messages cos our heads were so close to each other.

I dozed off again, then I jumped up, startled at the fact that I have fallen asleep and not watching Mayenne. But there she was, lying asleep right next to me.

May be Mummy's zzzzz bugs did reach Mayenne via ESP afterall.

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