Friday, April 10, 2009

The Alphabets

It's exactly 2 months since my last blog.... have been busy, tired, lazy....

Anyways, there are many things to update, mostly on Mayenne, but this one stood out:

We have been sending Mayenne to Shichida Method for more than a year now, and one of the segments in class was phonics, and it goes: "A" says "ah-ah-apple", "B" says "buh-buh-ball"and so on.

We have also been reinforcing that training at home, and we recently found out that Mayenne can say the following:

"A" says "ah-ah-apple"!
"B" says "buh-buh-ball"!
"C" says "ker-ker-car"!

Then she skips to:
"E" says "eh-eh-egg"!

Then she skips to:
"O" says "orh-orh-orh luak"!

I think she is trying to say "owl" but it came out oyster egg.

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