Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Day in the East

It has been a while since Ches and I caught a movie. Ok ok, it hasn't been THAT long (may be a month back), but for a movie buff like me, watching dvds at home sometimes just doesn't cut it.

Ches mentioned he was booking the tickets online before we leave for his Gramma's place in Bishan for lunch. I told him any movie was fine, and the plan was to watch it at GV at J8 or Eng Wah at Jubilee AMK for convenience.

Being the designated weekend driver, I took the wheels and Chester, sitting next to me, then murmured, "I think we need to go Tampines for the movie."

"I think I've clicked on the wrong cinema button when booking. We are watching at GV @ Tampines Mall."

That was totally "un-Chester" as he is usually doubly careful when it comes buying things online. But I guess it was a blessing in disguise as I would then have the opportunity to check out the new Tampines 1 Mall and the new Uniqlo outlet there (can't remember the last time I was at Tam-pines for shopping).

Taken was a commendable movie (see Ches' review) but I soon got bored of the shopping. So we headed out to Ikea for our standard chicken-balls meal, ie chicken wings and meat balls.

While we were enjoying our food, another family settled at a table behind us, believed to be with extended family members ie grandma, their baby and 2 other adults. The baby was seemingly happy to be seated in the baby high chair. The Mum went to wash a bottle, and someone else went to get the food. The rest were seated at the table.

The food and drinks soon arrived and they placed it on the table. Next thing I heard was a loud wail and I spun my head around. To my horror, I saw the baby's hand in a cup of hot coffee which was carelessly placed right in front of her. And being so little (may be 6-7 months), she didn't know how to remove her hand despite the burning pain she felt.

The Dad saw and quickly removed her hand from the scalding coffee, but by which time, the baby's fingers and all the way to about a third of her palm were already sorely red. What really pissed me off was that the Dad actually said (in Mandarin), "Who asked you to put your hand into the coffee? Now you know what is the meaning of HOT", and simply took a tissue to wipe the coffee off the baby's hand.

Shouldn't he, at the least, seek first aid to have some burn/scald ointment to relieve the pain? The poor baby was crying but they didn't seemed to care and all of them dug into their food. The Mum came back and asked what happened, and then carried the baby to try to calm her down.

Chester may have the movie "Taken" live in his mind for a while, I am trying to forget this horrible scene I witnessed.

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