Wednesday, October 15, 2008


You know how sometimes when you get a bit bored, you will have a song in your head and you'll start humming or singing? The song can be a favourite tune, or some new catchy pop song.

Today, I was sitting in a cafe waiting for Chester to join me for dinner. While twiddling my thumbs and twirling my hair, the first song that hit me and came out of my mouth was .......

Little Peter Rabbit.

And I even have to consciously hold my hands down to prevent them from doing all the bunny actions!

That's it...... I've been thoroughly Mummy-fied!!!!!

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wheretobuysupplements said...


I chanced upon your blog while taking a break from studying. And this break is unforseenably longer than what I intended because I enjoy reading your posts about your baby daughter so much so that I couldn't stop! Anyway, I just wanna encourage and praise you for being such a loving mother. May your family be loving always. =)