Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do you understand?

Last Thursday was our 7th year wedding anniversary, and my mum has kindly agreed to take Mayenne that night so that Ches and I can try recall what happened over the last 7 years over a nice dinner by the river.

So starting from last Monday, I explained to Mayenne on our way to Popo's house in the morning, that she'll have to stay at Popo's house on Thursday. I did the same on Tuesday, explaining that one day has pass and it's 2 more days before the sleepover. She looked like she was listening to me but I was quite sure she didn't understand me cos there are so many new words and concepts, like Monday, Tuesday..., staying over etc.

On Monday to Wednesday, just like any other morning, she will eagerly want to get out of the car and into Popo's arms. On Thursday, I told her one last time in the car that the day we spoke about has arrived. After the car stopped, she simply refused to get out of her car seat and turned away from Popo and resisted her attempts to carry her. We had no choice but to force carry her and that led to some degree of wailing, but she cooled down after a while.

Looks like she did understand me after all.

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