Monday, November 24, 2008

The Hole-iest Question

Why do guys like to wear their socks till there are holes in them, and continue to wear them until they are taken away by force (usually by someone who cannot stand it anymore)?

Some say they are comfortable. But are they really? It's quite hard to imagine sections that are thinned out from abrasion with the shoes being comfortable, and won't your toes stick out of those holes?

My dear hubby was guilty of it. I used to dump those socks which were comparable to swiss cheese (in terms of the number of holes, not the smell!!). But in some dark corner of the drawer, you can find a pair or two snuggly stashed away, hoping that I won't find them. But that was in the past. With my routine checks, I'll ensure that my man has new fresh socks to wear every time.

I found more conclusive evidence that men like to wear holey socks: in 2 separate client meetings I had, I was joined by 2 different male colleagues for each of the meetings. You know how some offices require you to remove your shoes before entering? Well, these 2 customers of mine happen to have this requirement.

Taxi fare to customer's place : S$12.60
Facility amount to be discussed : S$5m
The look on your colleague's face when he knows he needs to remove his shoes when he has holey socks : Priceless

Both of them kept on apologising profusely to me, saying if they knew, they would have worn "their good pair". At the end, one of them made me look the other way and removed his socks altogether; the other one was more creative: he tried to pinch the material surrounding the hole, and tried to hold the hole between his toes. I think he suffered toe cramps thereafter.

Enough said about this w-hole issue.

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