Friday, November 21, 2008

GPS - Good Position for Sleeping

When Mayenne was born, we placed her cot against the wall which is nearest to the door, for the ease of attending to her promptly for those night feeds and soils, so as to save those few extra steps walking to the cot should it be placed further into the room. In case you are wondering, those savings may have saved my sanity.

After Mayenne turned one, we shifted her cot to be against another wall in the room furthest away from the door, so as to avoid disturbing her sleep when we watch TV, and besides, it makes her room look more spacious.

As she got older, it got more and more challenging for her to go to sleep. Gone were the days where she will just turn to her side and doze off. Now, she has to go through this routine of making these "AAAAAAAAAHH!!" loud sounds repeatedly, toss and turn, flip pillows all over, sit up and whimper, crash her face onto the bed with a pillow in front of her face a couple of times, before her eyelids get heavy and she finally sleeps.

It's not as though she is not sleepy: I put her to bed at about 9.30pm cos she will be yawning non-stop. I don't let her sleep in aircon, but I do cool the room down (with aircon) and switching it off (and on the fan) once she's asleep. And I stay in the room with her till she slept.

The situation is very different at my Mum's, on nights when Mum takes her. Apparently after her night feed, she will just turn to her side and remain rather motionless, even though she's not sleeping, and before you know it, she's conked out!

The only logical reason I can think of is that she sleeps with my Mum on her queen-sized bed. Perhaps it's more comfortable. May be she wants someone to lie next to her, which are all not possible when she's home when her bed is a cot.

Then I remembered how well she slept before she turned 1...... and the next thing I found myself do was shifting her bed to the previous position. May be I need to consider the fengshui aspects, you know, harmonising with your surroundings and environment, having balance stuff.

So Mayenne came into her room this evening, looked around and realised that her room is not the same as before, but she didn't say anything and subsequentlywalked out. When it was bedtime, I laid her down and gave her her milk. She continued lying there, still did some tossing and turning, but she didn't make much noise this time. Within 5-7 mins, she's in dreamland.

Believe it.

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