Sunday, November 9, 2008

From CRT to LCD

I have visited a handful of housewarmings - and have also swooned over other people's plasmas and LCD TVs. Admittedly, I wanted one for myself, but for some reason (or reasons), I haven't got the chance to evaluate my options, given the hundreds of models and prices that come in thousands.

Actually, I love my current CRT TV. It has accompanied me on my loneliest nights, made me laughed so hard that I cried, made me cried so hard that I've ran out of tissues, taught me things that I never knew, and showed me the world that I could have never seen on my own.

We had it since we moved into our love nest 8 years ago, and it has never failed me. As it was a Sony TV, I thought the audio quality was pretty good too. However, for the sake of Mayenne, Chester has decided to buy an LCD TV, due to the low frequency at which the images are screened and the high frequency sound that a CRT emits, both which we concluded are not good for our kid.

After checking out some bargains, Chester bought a new LCD TV at Courts yesterday, and will be delivered tomorrow.

Come tomorrow evening, my Can Really Tong TV will finally make way for the new LCD TV. I feel a little sentimental but am also excited about the new addition!!

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